Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to talk to a Heretic

Just started listening to John MacArthur's new series "How to talk to a heretic" available here.

MacArthur says of the series:

"When Jesus encountered religious leaders teaching dangerous error, He didn’t seek common ground. He confronted, exposing the lies and shunning any sense of unity with false teachers. The need today is desperate for a fresh understanding of Jesus’ model. Step inside one of His poignant confrontations with pious enemies of truth and learn How to Talk to a Heretic."

I must say that I totally agree with what MacArthur says.  Turning a blind eye to heresy,  coddling false teachers and avoiding confrontation at all cost are not Christian virtues as some so desperately want us to believe.  There is nothing unkind or unloving about warning others that they are following a false Jesus or that they have embraced a false gospel that has no power to save.  In fact quite the opposite is true if one is to truly love as Jesus did.    

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  1. What has often befuddled me is how many Christians -- in efforts to make Christianity more "appealing" to unbelievers -- pluralize and inclusivise (I don't think those are actual words, though) Christianity. But followers of other major religions often profess their exclusivistic beliefs unabashedly.

    I wonder if one reason why so many people flock to exclusivistic religions like Islam is because it professes -- and expects its believers to profess -- an exclusivistic message. Therefore, they are seen as having a strong backbone. Christians, on the other hand, often want to make people happy with them, so we come across as those who lack a spine.