Monday, December 28, 2009

C.T Russell and Global Warming?

  It appears that CT. Russell, the founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses, and Al Gore may have been fast friends if they both had been alive at the same time.  According to a website run by "Bible Students"   Russell used bible prophesy (and strong faith) to predict the internet and global warming.

"Nearly 100 years ago, utilizing Bible prophecy and with strong faith in God, Pastor Russell foresaw: technology that would instantly spread knowledge and information to everyone on earth; global warming with melting polar ice caps;.."
Impressive?  Hhhmmm  Well he also falsely predicted the end of the world a number of times. He canonized a pyramid. He believed germs, rabies vaccines and some operations to be hoaxes. He had a terrible fear of aluminum, science and doctors He constantly misinterpreted the scriptures and deceived his followers with scams like "miracle wheat." So no... not really.


  1. Russell never predicted the end of the world at all as that term is generally used. He at first adopted Barbour's view that the Gentile Kingdoms would all be gone by 1914, but, long before 1914, he changed this view and recognized that the end of the Gentiles Times did not mean the end of the Gentile Kingdoms, but rather that Jesus' rulership would begin to be felt, which would cause the beginning of the "time of trouble". That trouble did begin then, and we are still in it. I am not sure what what you are referring to when you say that he believed germs, rabies vaccines, and some operations to be hoaxes. I have never read any such thing in his writings, nor did he have any fear of an element that did not exist in his day. He certainly had no fear of science or doctors. There was no miracle wheat scam. Russell, like all of, was not perfect in his viewpoints of the Bible, but I believe he was more accurate than anyone else in his day.

  2. Wow, didn't know there were still "Russelites" still around? I wonder how modern JW's view them?

  3. No, he did not falsely predict the end of the world even once. He stated and showed that in 1914 a worldwide conflagration would break out which would begin the process of ending the current social, political, financial, and religious systems. His error was that he expected it to take only a few years, but obviously it's taken almost a century. His views on the Pyramid are entirely Biblical, and even the Jews have an intimate connection to the Pyramid and Pyramid shapes. Simply because the modern New Age movement has decided to make the Great Pyramid occult does not mean that it is. As for misinterpreting the scriptures, that is a matter of personal opinion. The fact of the matter is that every Protestant denomination was itself once called heretical and "misinterpreting scripture". If a person believes the creeds and church councils were inspired of God, then so be it. But when traditions make void the word of God then those traditions should be thrown out.