Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Reality of Pornography

A few days back I was listening to a radio program where a man called in who had been struggling with the sin of pornography. During the call he mentioned a YouTube video from an ex-porn star who had given her life to Christ. What caught my attention was when he said, “after watching this woman describe what is really happening in those videos, I will never ever be able to look at porn again.”

It would seem that most men who view pornography labor under the illusion that what they are watching is women who just love men and who greatly enjoy themselves as they attempt to satisfy their seemingly insatiable cravings. If that describes you or someone that you know please watch or pass on these videos as they paint a very different picture. The reality is that what you are likely watching is emotionally shattered, desperate, and mentally ill woman being sexually abused and infected with diseases as they “preform” in a drug induced fog because the reality of what's being done to them is too painful to experience in a sober state of mind.

I would highly recommend watching all five parts as the story is progressive, and I would also warn that at times the story is quite graphic and horrifying but never in a gratuitous manner.

The other parts can be found here.


  1. I watched all five (over two sittings). Very powerful insight and testimony. Not such a glamorous life.

    I am ever and so increasingly amazed by God's grace when I consider my own life and the life of this woman's testimony...and where God brings us wretched sinners.

    God, you are truly great. Thank you!