Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tomorrow is Always a Bad Day

It's impossible to see the images on television of the tragedy in Haiti without realizing just how fragile and unpredictable life in this fallen world can be. I have decided to leave it to those smarter then me explain the theological implications of disasters such as the earthquake that has devastated Haiti, except to say this.  Tomorrow is always a bad day.

So many say:

Tomorrow I will reconcile that relationship

Tomorrow I will spend more time with my kids

Tomorrow I will spend some time with that aging parent

Tomorrow I will offer forgivness

Tomorrow I will stop doing those things that hurt the ones I love

Tomorrow I will be more loving and kind, generous and compassionate

Tomorrow I will get right with God

It may not be a sudden tsunami that drags you out to sea or an earthquake that buries you beneath a hundred tons of concrete, but the one thing that is for sure is that for each and every one of us, no exceptions, the day is coming were there will be no tomorrow.  If there is something on the list above that you have left for tomorrow,  I pray that before your head hits the pillow tonight you get it done.

May God be with the survivors of the Haitian Earthquake and move in the hearts of those who can help to be generous in their giving, both physically and spiritually. 


  1. Great post Brian. I would really love to do some of those things you sugest, especially the 3rd one down. However as you know, I'm prevented from doing that because of circumstances beyond my control.

    I pray for the people of Haiti and the Christian missionaries there that are affected.

  2. 困難的不在於新概念,而在於逃避舊有的概念。.........................