Sunday, January 10, 2010

Watchtower 2009 Annual Report

The data published by the Watchtower in their 2009 annual report confirms that a disturbing trend for them continues yet another year. The anointed partakers of the emblems at their annual memorial meal has once again risen sharply despite the fact that according to their theology the number of those in the "anointed class" should be shrinking.  This year it has risen nearly 10 percent.

Recently they had to do some major back peddling on their previous doctrine that taught  the "heavenly call" ended in 1935.  However that change will buy them very little time.  One wonders how long they can continue the current doctrine without some sort of massive change.

Branches 118
Countries 236
Congregations 105,298
Memorial 18,168,323
Partakers 10,857 (up from 9,986)
Peak Pubs 7,313,173
Average Pubs 7,046,419
% Growth 3,2
Baptized 276,233
Avg Aux Pio 304,551
Avg Pio 794,317
Hours total 1,557,788,344
Avg Bible Studies 7,619,270

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